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All you need in one product: Lash Extension compatible * Vegan and cruelty free * Smudge proof *sweat proof * water proof * flake proof * Oil free

Status: Cruelty-Free, 100% Mineral-Based,

001 Ear Care Solution 4oz

001 Inverness Nose Bone Clear

103C 3mm Topaz

001 Inverness Asst Colour Sterling Silver Bend & Wear

001 Inverness Nose Bone Multicolour

104C 3mm Zircon

001 Inverness Asst Colour Surgical Steel Screw Nose Ring

100C 3mm Peridot

001 Inverness Clear Sterling Silver Bend & Wear

101C 3mm Sapphire

001 Inverness Clear Surgical Steel Screw Nose Ring

102C 3mm Rose

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