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All you need in one product: Lash Extension compatible * Vegan and cruelty free * Smudge proof *sweat proof * water proof * flake proof * Oil free

Status: Cruelty-Free, 100% Mineral-Based,

KMS AddPower Shampoo 300ml

KMS AddVolume Leave-In Conditioner 150ml

KMS AddVolume Style Primer 75ml

KMS AddPower Shampoo 750ml

KMS AddVolume Liquid Dust 50ml

KMS AddVolume Styling Foam 300ml

KMS AddPower Strengthening Fluid 125ml

KMS AddVolume Root And Body Lift 200ml

KMS AddPower Thickening Spray 200ml

KMS AddVolume Shampoo 300ml

KMS AddVolume Body Detangler 150ml

KMS AddVolume Shampoo 750ml

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