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Dunn & Co. Let's Get Muddy ~ Detoxifying Face Mask

Dunn & Co. Let's Get Muddy ~ Detoxifying Face Mask

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We have taken clay masks to the next level by mixing bentonite clay, dried ground green tea, lavender, mint leaves, and hibiscus. No extra scents or oils are needed with these powerful herbs. It smells divine and leaves your skin smooth and tingly. When applied you will feel a cooling sensation. 

Let's Get Muddy ~ Detoxifying face mask pulls toxins and impurities to and through the surface of the pores of the skin. This is how the mask detoxes. It is gently exfoliating as well which is what makes the skin feel soft and silky. It also increases circulation wherever it?s applied, causing pink and in some cases red skin. However this is only temporary.

Clay masks can be used on all skin types, including dry and mature skin. Use a rich, lasting moisturizer after the mask to keep skin hydrated. Clay masks can be drying along with being detoxifying. Our day/night anti-aging balms are the perfect pair to keep your skin hydrated after using this beautiful blend.

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