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RUSK Deepshine Color Touch Up instantly refreshes hair color and covers grays by concealing the line of demarcation that tells the world it's time to recolor. This water-resistant powder delivers superior coverage and color tone while providing exceptional condition and shine. Color stays fresh until your next shampoo. This mineral powder technology, with naturally derived color pigments, covers smoothly with natural-looking, multi-hued tones. Contains no titanium dioxide, PPD or parabens. Color is water-resistant and stays fresh until your next shampoo. A quick fix for those hair color emergencies. (Formulated with Advanced Marine Therapy Complex.) Continuously apply powder to dry hair at roots until gray coverage is obtained and roots disappear. The larger end bristle is best for powder pick-up and an even distribution of color at the roots. Use the smaller end bristle around the hairline and temples where extra control is needed.

Rusk Touch Up Refill Black *