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Salon Care for your Hands & Feet



Basic Care

Gel Polish Enhancement             $40

Acrylic Dip Enhancement           $46

Luxury Care

Manicure                                            $58

Pedicure                                             $75

Combo                                              $115

Gel Polish Add-On                          $10

Acrylic Dip Add-On                        $15



New Set

Junior  Tech                                       $55

Senior Tech                                       $65


Master Tech                                      $80

Sara's Choice                                   $85


Junior  Tech                                       $40

Senior Tech                                       $50

Master Tech                                      $60

Sara's Choice                                   $65

Artificial Toes                                    $50



Artificial Nail Fix $8 (per nail)

Glitter & Glam

Crystals & Gems                                $1

Swarovski                                             $3

3D Flowers                                        $12

Nail Art Design

Basic                                                       $8

Detailed                                              $12

French Fade                                     $15

At Le Salon Dieppe we offer services for the hands and feet. Our classic and spa pedicures (in our amazing massage chairs with foot jets) will leave you feeling like you're walking on cloud 9. We offer manicures (classic polish or shellac) as well as gel or acrylic nails. Choose from a classic/simple treatment to something more glamourous, or simply the pamper treatment you deserve. We want to make your experience the best that meets your need. Book online or call us with any questions you may have.

*All nails displayed were done by the nail technicians at Le Salon Dieppe.


*Prices subject to change. Last minute cancellations and missed appointments are subject to 50-100% charge

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