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Surprising Hair Benefits of Drinking Water

Quench Your Thirst for Healthier Hair: The Ultimate Guide to Hydrated, Gorgeous Hair

with Clinton Davis at @lesalondieppe | LSD Beauty

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How to have healthier hair

The Power of Hydration for Healthy Hair

Let's delve into an overlooked facet for hair health: hydration. Does drinking water contribute to healthier, thicker hair? Can it help with frizzy, dehydrated locks, or split ends? We’ll explore these questions and more, as well as recommend some fantastic products for dry hair from Le Salon Dieppe. I’ve heard asked by a few clients over the years, and with the dry scalps that have been occurring as a result of latest season change. I thought I’d dive in.

Unveiling the Science: Drinking Water and Hair Health

Drink Water for Hair Health

Did you know that your hair is made of 25% water? Drinking water is essential for overall health, and that includes your hair. Adequate hydration maintains the natural moisture levels of the scalp and hair, prevents dryness and brittleness, and promotes stronger, healthier hair. Proper hydration ensures that essential vitamins and minerals, proteins and oils reach the scalp, promoting hair growth and health.

By improving blood circulation, adequate hydration ensures that your hair follicles receive a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients. Drinking water also aids in the elimination of toxins, including those on your scalp. Consequently, a cleaner scalp is more likely to foster healthy hair growth. So, does drinking water enhance hair health? The evidence suggests it does.

Know that Your Body has Priorities

Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, and that water needs to be maintained as it also leaves our bodies regularly. Know that when you're dehydrated, your body prioritizes vital organs, meaning that your hair might not receive the nutrients it needs.

When it comes to producing soft, luscious hair, if dehydrated, the body allocates those resources (rightfully) to more important organs and functions.

Hydration and Its Impact on Hair Health

Staying hydrated can significantly benefit your hair health in several ways:

Enhanced hair growth: Follicles inside the skin are the birthplace of every hair on your head. Healthy hair follicles contribute to better hair health and growth.

Improved hair elasticity: Hydrated hair is more elastic, reducing the risk of breakage and split ends.

Reduction in hair loss: Dehydration can lead to hair loss by weakening hair follicles. By staying hydrated, you help strengthen your hair and prevent excessive shedding.

Less frizz: Dehydration can lead to frizzy hair due to reduced moisture levels in the scalp and hair.

Practical Tips for Optimal Hydration

I’m going to say the things you mostly know, reading them can help you back on the path to anything you may not be utilizing on a regular basis.

Carry a reusable water bottle: Having a water bottle with you at all times will serve as a constant reminder to drink up (metal, if possible)!

Flavor your water: I love the taste of water, If you're not a fan of plain water, add a splash of juice, fruit slices, or herbs to enhance the taste.

Track your water intake: Use a mobile app or a journal to keep tabs and remind you with push notifications. Using an app to establish monthly goals makes staying hydrated more manageable and fun.

Eat water-rich foods: Incorporate foods with high water content into your diet, like cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries (watermelon season is right around the corner 🤤🤤).

The Paradox of Water and Hair Hydration

Interestingly, while drinking water is crucial for hair hydration, Water directly applied to our hair, as in a shower, can actually strip it of its natural oils, leading to dehydration. Hence, external hair hydration relies more on oils and specially designed hair care products that lock in moisture. This is why it's essential to use hair care products specifically designed to lock in moisture, such as dry hair shampoo, dry hair conditioner, and dry hair treatment.

Top Products for Dry Hair from Le Salon Dieppe

Consider these products to increase hair hydration.

This transformative balm is a lifesaver for dry, damaged hair. Infused with keratin and hyaloveil, it nourishes deep within the hair structure, repairs damage, and restores elasticity.

This high-performance, deeply hydrating mask leaves your hair feeling wonderfully soft and revitalized.

The Nioxin Number 3 Kit has a three-part system that cleanses, optimizes, and treats your scalp and hair; providing moisture balance and color protection, while revitalizing the dry and damaged strands.

A lightweight, deeply nourishing treatment.

This gentle shampoo not only cleanses but also provides intense hydration to dry hair. Its organic papaya extract and hyaluronic acid-infused formula seals in moisture, nourishes the hair structure, and leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny, and beautifully replenished. Of course, adding the MoisturePlus conditioner to your regime will add additional results.

In Conclusion: Drink Up for Healthy, Hydrated Hair

What does healthy hair look like? Healthy hair is resilient, with minimal breakage and split ends. It has a natural bounce and is easier to manage.

While water alone may not directly lead to significant improvements in hair health, it plays a role in maintaining overall health, which in turn can have a positive impact on your hair. So drink up and don't forget to incorporate hydrating hair care products into your routine to help achieve healthy, hydrated locks.

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Clinton Davis Moncton Dieppe New Brunswick

Clinton Davis is salon|spa owner of over 11 years and an expert in the Hair Care retail field.


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