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Blue Dots
Image by Meritt Thomas

We offer up close and personal, and professional Laser/IPL services. If you have a concern with hair, skin, or your shape, we are here, and want to help. ​We can help reduce the signs of aging or skin damage, or remove unwanted hair in public or hidden places. We can help with generalized fat reduction, or target those areas a healthy diet and exercise have managed to miss - due to genetic, or other factors. We find a solution to help you rediscover and enjoy your natural beauty.

Laser Based Services

LSD Beauty | Le Salon Dieppe


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Permanent Laser Hair


Permanently reduce or manage Hair Growth in unwanted areas, book your free patch test.




Reduce the signs of aging or skin damage, balance skin tones, treat many skin conditions.


Targeted Fat Reduction /

Body Contouring

Shrink Fat Cells in specific areas by replicating the body's natural fat burning processes.

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