consider this...

Both the pleasures and stresses of life, along with the simple passage of time, tend to cause our skin to appear older.

does it have to be that way...?

Not really, no. Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that can help to erase skin damage.

We can't stop the passing of time, but we can help turn back the clock.





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You can stop hiding and concealing your skin concerns and give your skin a fresh glow with SharpLight’s skin & facial  treatments.

Our SharpLight Formax machine fights a diverse range of aging signs and delivers impressive, reliable, long-lasting results.

Enjoy this treatment just once, or start a maintenance routine to keep skin healthy and glowing for years to come.

Treatments are typically performed on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and hands. However, any body area that has succumbed to the signs of photo-aging can be treated.


The Main Advantages of


The following are some of the main advantages of SharpLight’s skin facial treatments:


  • Effectively and efficiently tighten skin and reduce a range of aging signs, such as wrinkles and pigmentation.


  • Treatments are non-invasive, clean and relatively painless.


  • No downtime — There is no unsightly evidence or visible irritation after treatments, return to your activities immediately


  • Achieve long-lasting results with a relatively small number of fast, easy treatment sessions.


  • Address multiple skin concerns simultaneously


  • Know that treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.

Below are some of the skin imperfections and benign conditions that can be treated using this procedure:

  • rough texture 

  • fine wrinkles


  • dark scars


  • birth marks


  • ​sun damage        

  • brown age spots

  • irregular / uneven pigmentation

  • dialted capillaries


  • freckles


  • dyschromia


  • pore size  

  • rosacea

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PhotoRejuvenation FAQ's

How Does it Work?

Accumulated sun exposure has a negative effect on our skin over time. As we age, our levels of collagen density decrease, causing our skin to lose elasticity and it's natural glow. The visible signs of aging are reflected in irregular pigmented or brown spots, red facial veins, wrinkled or loose skin, textural changes and enlarged pores.

Photorejuvenation uses an optimized light device to deliver energy into your skin, targeting vascular and pigmented lesions, which slowly disappear as your body’s natural healing process progresses. To improve the health and aesthetic of skin affected by age, sun exposure and environmental pollution, SharpLight’s systems target issues from multiple angles. Light pulsed at specific wavelengths and frequencies stimulate the healing of skin through the reproduction of collagen fibers and the replacement of damaged ones. Through selective photothermolysis, the process in which necrosis is induced, pigmented and vascular lesions are eliminated. Finally, by applying low-energy and short-pulse broadband light, SharpLight’s technologies replace skin imperfections with more youthful looking skin.

IPL skin treatments have great appeal to individuals with active lifestyles who cannot take time off for healing which would be required with surgery or other invasive treatments.

How Long Does it Take?

The procedure is also quick and involves no downtime, making it a convenient option for people with busy schedules The photorejuvenation procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes. Each session usually lasts about 30-45 minutes, followed by a warm feeling in the treated area afterward. You may return to your normal activities immediately after treatment. Some individuals may feel the need to apply mineral makeup prior to leaving the center.

Am I a Candidate?

Some medications and medical conditions can interfere with treatments; your certified technician will review your history to assess your suitability.

Although there is an ongoing debate about the safety of treatments during pregnancy, there is not enough research. As a result, we will not conduct treatments on those who are pregnant, believe they may be pregnant, or are nursing.

It is also important for patients to have a realistic understanding about what the procedure can do. When performed on the right person, it effectively improves skin texture, eliminating discolorations, reducing pore size, and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

What if I Want to Skip the Patch Test or Not Wait the Recommend Time?

Sorry. Safety first. That is not an option.

What do I do after the Treatment?

Take care to apply a sunscreen moisturizer with an SPF of 50 or greater each day and avoid direct sun exposure. Avoid tanning before and after treatments as tanning and not using sunblock may enhance uneven skin color.

Some may experience mild redness that often disappears within a few hours. It is quite normal for brown spots to darken temporarily immediately after treatment, and areas of redness may intensify. Excessive post-treatment redness often calms within a few hours. Within the next day or so, darker spots may or may not develop a fine flaky covering that will shed over the course of the next few days to reveal fresh, even skin underneath.

Do I have to miss work or scheduled social functions?

No. You may resume normal activity immediately. Many people find that in the weeks following treatment skin has a softer, smoother feel and glow to it.

What is Expected after Treatment?

For some, treated areas may appear flushed and fading typically occurs within a few hours. In most cases you can resume regular activities immediately after the treatment. Facial areas will look and feel like you have been in the sun or wind for 24-48 hours after a session. Sometimes a client may develop minor bruising lasting approximately 5-10 days, in rare cases bruising can last weeks to month; blisters can occur though are uncommon. In those that have sun induced pigmentation changes – the brown pigmented areas (i.e. freckles) darken and may become slightly elevated and scaly. In some cases they may or may not "pepper", creating the appearance of darker specs on top of the treated area. This darkness takes on a “dirty look” until it flakes off in 7-10 days. Makeup may be applied immediately after the procedure though must be discontinued if irritating. In those rare circumstances where scabs develop clients may use an antibiotic ointment like polysporin 2 – 3 times a day sparingly as a thin layer. If you follow a skin care regime it can usually be resumed as discussed 3 days after the procedure, although not always. It is especially important to protect the treated areas from sun by applying your sunscreen every day and to avoid direct sun exposure. As most signs of photoaging are related to sun exposure, long term sun protection is advised to prevent the development of new photodamaged areas. As our skin naturally matures with time clients require maintenance treatments to eliminate any newly developed pigmented spots that develop.

How many Treatments are recommended?

It depends. PhotoRejuvenation brings about gradual changes over the course of the treatments. Most patients experience some improvement within 24hrs of the first treatment and will continue to see improvements in the following weeks. Depending on skin types, concerns and conditions, only one or two treatments may be needed. Skin has literally taken "a lifetime" to age and is a process to reverse. Six treatments may be necessary to achieve your best results. Science cannot yet stop the aging of skin completely. After desired results are achieved, if you continue to expose skin to the sun without sunscreen, new skin damage can occur. If skin is taken care of using quality skin care products, results will be maintained longer. Some feel it necessary to perform maintenance sessions once or twice a year. The results that are achieved from each session usually last a year or more.

With good sun protection (SPF 30) and Glamour Secrets customized at-home skincare regimen, results from a full series of treatments generally last for years. It is important to understand that the damage one sees on their skin now is from sun exposure many years ago, and the manifestation of that damage (creation of new brows spots and blood vessels) will continue with age.

Are there any side effects? How quickly will I recover?

You can resume regular daily activities right away and start to see some improvement immediately. A small amount of people experience a mild, sunburn-like sensation immediately following the treatment. This usually lasts two to 24 hours. Ask your provider to discuss other possible side effects and the necessary post-treatment care with you.

Can PhotoRejuvenation treat Rosacea?

Yes. Although not a cure, PhotoRejuvenation can substantially improve the symptoms of Rosacea, encompassing excessive flushing, broken blood vessels, inflammatory acne and enlarged pores. In fact, PhotoRejuvenation is considered the gold standard for treating Rosacea. A series of PhotoRejuvenation treatments can have a significant impact on the quality of life for those who suffer from Rosacea.Type your paragraph here.

More Questions?

Contact us at 1(506)388-8088, by email - - social media (FB or IG) - or through Chat right here on this website! We'd love to answer your questions! If you'd like to book a consultation there is no fee, and you will be able to experience a single pulse of our technology through the patch test we conduct at the end to ensure you are a candidate for laser services.


Photorejuvenation Pricing



(2 passes, addresses up to 2 skin concerns)


Facial                                                                                                                $140

Rosacea Photorejuvenation                                                          $210

Rosacea - Cheek/Nose Laser Photorejuvenation      $130

Laser Face-to-Decolletage Photorejuvenation           $215
Laser Decolletage/Neck Photorejuvenation                $125

Individual Laser Sun Spot Photorejuvenation              $25

Laser Treatment - Broken Capillaries - Cheek             $100


Laser PhotoRejuvenation - Hands                                    $45

Laser PhotoRejuvenation - Chest                                     $130 

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