Forever Pads 10 Inch Reusable Sanitary Napkins - Regular Flow


With a rising awareness of both women's and the climates health, safe & sustainable options are neccessary.


In comes Forever Pads. Beautiful, high quality, green & incredibly cute sanitary napkins that combine comfort, convenience, & cleanliness. 


Hand-stitched with love, these sanitary napkins offer 3 different options for your preference:

  • Minky - Extra soft for that really sensitive skin. After a few washes, Minky Forever Pads will wick the moisture away from you. Excellent for athletic use or active lifestiles.
  • Flannel -  Very absorbant but still soft. Better for a slightly less messy aunt flow. Flannel Forever Pads remain soft and comfortable.
  • Cotton - Very absorbant. These are the toughest of the Forevery Pads and offer the longest life. This heavy duty mama can handle a lot of wear and tear while maintaining its integrity and absobancy.

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